Am I doing my digital strategy correctly?

Am I doing my digital strategy correctly?

It’s funny how in the digital environment brands look more and more like people and vice versa. More than a network, we are immersed in an infinite ocean of ads, content and conversations in which everything is mixed and paradoxes occur, such as the fact that you can become ‘friends’ with a brand on Facebook the same day you receive a message from a friend recommending car insurance.

The digital environment or so-called digital ecosystem is so much more of a medium for communication than compared to television – which is no longer what it used to be – or radio – which also is no longer what it used to be.

The Internet is a universe in itself, with its own codes and sub-supports, and with an infinite number of different strategies and possibilities for brands to connect with their target audiences.

But just as with people, in the digital environment there are also two types of brands: those that do not use the advantages offered by this environment – or use them very little – and those that do.

The former (those who do not use the digital ecosystem) treat the digital environment as just another medium, hiring waves of spaces in a series of websites through planning, and communicating a novelty or a promotion in modules that redirect to a website or a landing where the action takes place.

The latterchange their strategy completely, and instead of hiring spaces they opt for the production of creative content online and generate a great deal of activity in social networks, attracting their consumers through offers that are mixed in with the content making consumers come instead of needing to go looking for them.

It’s the Pull vs. Push of a lifetime but in an online version.

Is one strategy or digital strategy better than the other?

Do they offer the same results? With which one can you get more return?

The truth is that at IM+C as an advertising agency with extensive experience in on/off strategies we have had good and not so good experiences with both. This leads us to think that the question is not well formulated: it is not a question of choosing one or the other, but of drawing up an appropriate strategy and plan (probably combining the two options), carrying out periodic analyses, investing a budget consistent with the objectives and betting on a good creative idea.

As such, the results are usually achieved in one way or another. And if not, the problem may not be that your brand’s digital communication is not effective, but that some of these parameters are not what they should be.




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