The birth of a new order

The birth of a new order

Year 18. Third millennium. The rebellious creative agencies survive as best they can in the face of the advance of the empire of the large multinational media groups.

The end of the fee, the Big Data, technology, analysis, massive diversification, and of course economic muscle, has brought about the birth of a new order in which the light of creativity is being seduced by the darker side of science.

In this situation, a sponsorship is imposed on a 45-second spot, or a badly named branded content is recommended against an external image campaign.

In response to this offensive, some agencies survive by pooling resources in buildings saturated with creative talent. Others sell themselves to media centers as the ones who come home recognize that the fault was theirs. And others find themselves competing against creative departments that also sell travel and cookware.

But among all of them, there are a series of structures that are creating a space for themselves by providing different proposals: 100% integrated agencies, creative production companies, digital labs, coworkings for projects. Structures that are generating new ways of thinking, new ideas, new points of view. Structures that are sneaking into more and more important meetings. That are gradually becoming more relevant. That are handling better budgets.

What will be the consequences of uniting creativity and media in the medium term? How will this new order evolve? Who will end up imposing its criteria?

No idea, but I wouldn’t miss it for the world.




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