IM+C introduces cryptocurrencies into the advertising sector

The integrated communications agency IM+C introduces cryptocurrencies into the advertising sector

cryptocurrencies into the advertising sector

IM+C becomes the first communications agency to accept virtual currencies as a form of payment, a tendency that many big businesses such as Amazon, Tesla and Microsoft have recently come to accept.

It has been 13 years since Bitcoin arrived, and even though at that time no one could imagine its incredible success, the reality is that this form of payment is in many businesses looking to get involved with this new coin in some way’s interest.

From today, IM+C, a media and creativity agency, becomes the first agency to adopt Bitcoin, and the rest of cryptocurrencies, as valid and accepted in the necessary transactions for payments. As Raúl Gilabert, general manager at IM+C comments, “It is a way of adapting to an unstoppable global tendency”. 

The agency has shown to be up to date with the new tendencies, and uses new technologies regularly, like the first digital marketing action with Blockchain, in which innovation and creativity worked hand in hand on a successful digital campaign.

Accepting the currency P2P, with open code, with peer-to-peer technology or between two identities that allow trading without a central banking authority, is a coherent step for the agency, regularly defending “doing instead of saying” in front of its clients.

With this initiative within the independent communication agencies sector, IM+C shows its support and synchronicity  with one of its main clients, the El Salvador Government, the first nation in the world to adopt Bitcoin as a currency of legal use.




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