On the future of Advertising

On the future of Advertising

Consumers and potential customers of advertisers are not waiting for our adverts. Even though the advertising process involves a lot of work, effort and dedicated people, consumers aren’t in the slightest bit bothered and are certainly not sitting at home, waiting for the brands campaigns to show up on their screens. In fact, they don’t need us, we are a “nuisance”.

For this reason, it’s only by knowing when these potential customers will receive that message, by what support it will reach them, and what attitude they will have towards the medium we choose to impact them, that we can make the message more effective and valuable for both the brands and their consumers.

The planner needs to know the insights and deep motivations of consumers’ consumption and purchases, and how we can influence them to generate the need for interaction with our brands and products.

The digital strategist must propose where and how the message will reach the online consumer, what profile the sites or social networks should have and which formats are the most effective for the target that is to be “influenced”.

The media strategist explains what the reader profile is of the magazines that will be invested in, where the oppis or digital screens that will impact the audience will be, what the radio programs are about where listeners will be able to hear the message, and what tactical TV planning strategy will be applied and why.

If the creative receives all these inputs, he/she can then share the idea and concept behind the messages that will be delivered to the consumer, and will be included as part of the decision making process of the media mix, supports and formats in which he/she will invest to optimize it.

If all this happens around the same table, it’s then possible to be creative with ideas, and also optimize the way these ideas reach consumers. Creating new formats. Generating new supports, actions, locations. Going beyond the established ways in order to adapt to the consumer, surprise them and be really relevant.

Only then does it make sense for all the people involved in the process of a campaign to make an effort.

Not everything can be programmatic, and AI is not enough to communicate a product or service. The future of advertising lies in creating a new way of reaching the consumer by working together with specialists from different fields.

By truly integrating strategy, media and creativity the advertising profession will continue to exist well into the end of the next decade.




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