Frit Ravich’s “Screenwriter of the Future”: the first digital marketing with Blockchain technology

Frit Ravich’s “Screenwriter of the Future”: the first digital marketing with Blockchain technology

screenwriter of the future

I am proud to share that last July, IM+C launched the first Blockchain based marketing communication.

Frit Ravich started off showing products through Social media, and when we started to work with them we decided we had to contextualise its consumption in a specific territory, the entertainment (series and film) industry, where its products, combined with the good moments that define the brand, had a reason to be and offered more possibilities to interact with the brand’s followers.

But we took a step further.

There are many dystopian series, films that accurately predict the future or in the year the series or film is based in.

We also know that the current times are so strange that no one knows what will happen, so we saw an opportunity to get ahead and predict it.

With the action “Screenwriters of the future”, we went from combining the product with a film or series to become content and entertainment creators, giving Frit Ravish followers the opportunity to take part in an active competition where a big prize will be awarded to the closest prediction to what happens in a year.

These predictions, which can be sent as video, audio or text format, are being saved and stored in a safe, uneditable, private and secure Blockchain for a year.

Blockchain technology, total transparency

To offer total transparency and to ensure that the predictions weren’t manipulated and altered, we decided to use this technology.

That is because nowadays, blockchain is possibly the safest way of storing information on the web, and we wanted this project to have the guarantee of security and confidentiality.

These are some of the benefits Blockchain offers, so this way, this futuristic action is based on a technology that, for Frit Ravich and its followers, is no longer the future.

Frit Ravish has become the first company in spain to apply Blockchain technology in a digital marketing campaign and we will see if it is the first step to continue applying this in other aspects of the company or for other categories of product in which this technology would allow us to innovate even more and approach clients in a way never done before by any brand.

We will keep you updated… but until them, take part and become the Screenwriter of the Future!

Thank you, Frit Ravich, for your trust in IM+C

Raul Gilabert Alonso

General Manager




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