2022. The year of the second first line

2022. The year of the second first line

What reparations brands in 2022

We are all used to seeing adverts from the same brands, the same products, or different versions of already existing products such as light, 0%, different flavour etc. We are so well trained that, if all Christmas campaigns disappeared, these festive times would not be the same. In fact, if it hadn’t been for publicity, we would have heard about things such as climate change and the administrative austerity during the pandemic.

But behind this IBEX 35 (the main stock market exchange in Spain) of products that are regularly communicated, there are hundreds of businesses, or brands in this context, that don’t communicate habitually, even if the quality of their products can compete directly with the bigger ones. Or that used to invest in advertising, but have had to stop because of this **** virus.

Social media, led at the moment by Instagram (watch out for Twitch, which isn’t far behind, and with the still seemingly distant promise of the metaverse over the horizon providing ground for increased numbers), give some voice to these brands. But obviously, you get out as much as you put in, and a lot of them are still to take the leap of faith and take the big step.

The most interesting thing about this phenomenon is to see how some of these small brands are slowly gaining ground on the leaders. Clothing brands aimed at a demographic that mostly consume this kind of format. Food brands gaining followers thanks to their increasingly risky communication strategies. Brands aimed at niches, but that transform into fashion products thanks to the marketing teams reaching the right influencers at the right time.

Technology, innovation, new and massive opportunities offered by the communications spectrum thanks to ideas such as voice marketing, conventional marketing, programming, digital platforms or social media, all give these brands access to the wider public in exchange for a reasonable investment. But for this it is necessary to be partnered with an agency that knows how to integrate all of these services under the same creative and media strategy. And that can offer them the quality and excellence needed and deserved.

To all these businesses reflected in this article, to the second first line of brands with the drive and desire to rise to the first line in 2022, we welcome you.




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